José Julio Rubio Cruz and his wife Sandra Batista de la Rosa

are our trusted yoga teachers from Cuba. With many years of experience at different levels, they can quickly adapt to the needs of our participants and captivate them with their relaxed aura. Their specialisations are mainly in the areas of therapeutic yoga, stress management through breathing and meditation, and yoga for couples. Together they run the yoga studio "Abhyasa Yoga" in Holguín.

Rabea Thüsing

When she started her professional life, Rabea also discovered her passion for yoga. As a yoga student, she tried her hand at many different yoga studios and styles and gained a lot of experience - with ups and downs every now and then. In recent years, the practice of yoga has become an increasingly important part of her life, which is why she decided to complete a yoga training at the beginning of 2019 in order to learn more about anatomy, physiology, philosophy, the practice of yoga and teaching. Her fascination with yoga stems mainly from the combination of physical and mental strength or dynamics and mindfulness. In addition to her yoga training, Rabea is also a systemic coach and a consultant in the corporate world. This is another reason why she is particularly interested in the harmony between body and mind and how one can consciously use and improve both in professional and private life. She loves to pass on her enthusiasm for these topics in her classes and is happy to see beaming faces at the end of a beautiful yoga session.

Valerie Antonovna Usov

has been fascinated by yoga since early childhood. At the age of 10, she immersed herself in the diverse world of yoga styles and yoga philosophy. After studying to become a theatre and dance teacher, Valerie trained as a yoga teacher at the Sivananda Ashram in Tyrol. In order to be able to work in a more integrated way, she continues her training in different forms of movement such as Bu Toh and Aikishintaiso and studies various theories and philosophies of yoga teachings.

She gives yoga classes in different contexts, for adults as well as for children, always focusing on the needs of the people.

"Through a greater knowledge of the skin that sustains us throughout our lives,
movement can allow us to access our Self."