Family friendly

AWe know from our own experience how stressful everyday life can be with a family and job, household and appointments. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your family and that you can have your moments of relaxation - even with the little ones.

FFair payment

We pay our partners on the German side as well as on the Cuban side fairly, without pushing prices.


It is especially important to us to bring you closer to Cuba as we know and love it - with all its sunny and dark sides. Through our contacts in many places on the island, we want you to feel as much at home as we do.


We would like to have a great exchange with you in every way. For the yoga workouts we found teachers who emphasise both physicality and spirituality in order to offer wholeness. Furthermore, we want trainers with more experience to be able to interact with teachers who have not been licensed for too long and learn from each other. The week with us should be a platform to interact and communicate with each other - on all levels.