¿Qué bolá? – Yoga cubano!

Are you longing for some time to relax with extended yoga workouts surrounded by stunning nature, but also want to get to explore the country and people of Cuba? With us, your smartphone can stay in airplane mode for a whole week and you'll get everything you need to unwind. 

Why Yoga in Cuba?

Yoga is still in its relatively young in Cuba. Therefore, we want to help to popularize yoga in the Caribbean island. Cuba holds just the right amount of spirit to help you find yourself through yoga and meditation. The Viñales Valley, where every "WOW!" is followed by another, offers a natural environment far away from industry, noise and stress. The tranquility and serenity of the valley with its World Heritage status and the kindness of the locals invite you to relax and recharge your batteries. Far away from mass tourism and hotel bunkers you can enjoy your time out with your family, great trips for all age groups as well as child care during the yoga classes. We look forward to seeing you, be it alone, or with your partner, best friend or your entire family!


"With us, your smartphone can stay in flight mode for an entire week and you can get everything you need to disconnect."


Questions and registration

Send us an email with your questions to: kontakt@yoga-cubano.de or book your retreat directly by using our booking form.

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