The following documents should be available and ideally be kept at hand when entering the country:
Passport (valid for at least six months after date of departure)
completed visa (tourist card)
travel health insurance
vaccination card
address of the first place of accommodation


You should have these in your suitcase if you are travelling with babies/toddlers:
Nappies/wipes (you can buy them, but they are usually very expensive and scented)
Sun protection (hat/glasses/UV clothing/spray/beach cover)
reserve of baby food (powdered milk/jars)
First-aid kit
Feeding bottle
Foldable buggy/baby carrier or similar.

As it can be difficult to buy toiletries in Cuba, the following items should be included in your wash bag:
enough sunscreen
first-aid kit
mosquito spray
feminine hygiene products
Shower gel/shampoo/conditioner
Cotton buds/pads

The following items should be in your suitcase so that you are well prepared for your retreat:
small backpack for hiking
sturdy shoes
• comfortable clothes for the yoga sessions
beach towel
sun protection (sunglasses/hat/UV clothing etc.)
clothes for going out
• adaptor for power sockets
possibly small gifts (e.g. sweets/toiletries etc.)
• weatherproof clothing
• flashlight/batteries


Do you want to have the packing list with you offline?

Download the packing list as a pdf for your trip here.